Armories--Unidentified. Whitney Armory

Established in 1798, the Whitney Armory was a firearms manufacturing company created by Eli Whitney near Hamden, Connecticut. Whitney had gained fame by inventing the cotton gin in the early 1790s, but turned to firearms as a new business opportunity. He purchased several acres of land near Hamden alongside the Mill River for steady flowing water to power the armory’s machinery. Whitney then constructed a small village, named Whitneyville, next to the armory for the employees and their families. Whitney sought to improve the quantity and quality of firearms production through the use of interchangeable parts. His armory initially struggled to meet its original government contracts, but the business prospered. Whitney died in 1825, but his family continued to run the armory and produce firearms for government and commercial buyers until the company was purchased by Winchester Repeating Arms in 1888. (Eli Whitney Museum and Workshop;

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