Civil War & Reconstruction Governors of Mississippi (CWRGM) is a digital documentary project that engages scholars, teachers, students, and the public with the historical lessons of democracy. Grounded in over 20,000 documents that span the period from the secession crisis through the early Jim Crow South, CWRGM is uncovering the voices that, despite scholars' efforts over the last several decades, remain buried in vast archival collections. Because Americans — regardless of class, race, or gender — contacted their governors with abandon during the Civil War and Reconstruction, these papers offer insights into nearly every major issue of the age in Mississippi.

CWRGM is grounded in a cross-domain partnership that makes its work possible. Veteran archivists led by David Pilcher and Preston Everett at the Mississippi Department of Archives and History (MDAH) update or draft calendars and digitize and verify all documents according to field standard. MDAH then sends the digital document files to a team of digital librarians led by Lisa Jones and Elizabeth La Beaud at the Mississippi Digital Library (MDL). The images are stored and metadata is written and reviewed for each document in the CWRGM collection before it is placed online at MDL. Then a team of researchers in the University of Southern Mississippi's (USM) History program led by CWRGM Project Director Susannah J. Ural, Professor of History, write and review all transcriptions and annotations for the documents. These researchers include undergraduate and graduate students as well as public volunteers from around the world.

All of this work is possible thanks to the generous support of our sponsors listed below, a dedicated archival and research team based at MDAH, MDL, and the USM History program, Ben and Sara Brumfield's superb transcription software at From the Page, the incredibly talented digital developer Anneliese Dehner who designed this site, and our tireless volunteers.

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