Slavery, the Draft, and War in Civil War-era Mississippi

These lesson plans use CWRGM documents that reveal Mississippians' concerns about the Confederate draft, the larger war, and the instability of the slave system. The plans also provide opportunities for struggling learners and for more advanced learners, allowing teachers to use the resources that best fit their classroom needs. As the designer of these plans explains, these resources are all about the emotions surrounding these three issues, and "that's what the [classroom] conversation should be about — more than anything."

Lesson Plans

Grade 4: Student Copy

Grade 4: Teacher Copy

Grade 8: Student Copy

Grade 8: Teacher Copy

Grade 9: Student Copy

Grade 9: Teacher Copy

Further Reading

See The Mississippi Encyclopedia for essays that include: "Emancipation," "Civil War," "Slaves, Runaway," "Civil War Soldiers, African-Americans," and "Civil War Home Front"


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